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Yard & Surface Drainage

Lawns, plantings and paved areas can all suffer from excess surface water runoff and saturation. These areas should be treated differently.

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Repair/Replacement of Existing Area & Surface Drains

Drainage solutions should consider:

  • Direction of water flow
  • Size of area
  • Impact on adjoining properties
  • Impact on site during repairs and installations

We install Rigid SDR #35 Heavy Duty-pipe at a minimum, for all below grade applications including downspouts and  footing drain systems.

Lawn Drainage

The Pacific Northwest is well known for its lush green vegetation. Most lawns become soggy after  multiple days of rain. Play fields and golf courses drain rapidly because of extensive sub-grade  drainage and soil conditioning. Creating a healthy durable lawn in an area with poorly draining soils,  shade, and water intrusion can involve many processes. Before contracting any work, review the  following issues and options to determine the right solution for you. These options could include renovation of turf, perimeter, and surface water drainage or extensive sub-grade drainage systems with new sod or seed lawns.


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