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Our Services

Yard & surface drainage

Addressing excess surface water runoff and saturation requires considering water flow direction, area size, impact on adjoining properties, and site conditions during repairs. Installation of Rigid SDR #35 Heavy Duty-pipe is done for below-grade applications like downspouts and footing drain systems.

Crawlspace Drainage

Sump pumps aren't always the solution for wet crawlspaces. Proper drainage involves controlling roof water, using proper drain piping and sizes, and ensuring an accessible exterior pump installation to prevent strain on the system.

Storm drains & sewer repairs & installations

Storm drains remove excess rainwater from streets, parking lots, and sidewalks. Catch basins function like household traps but may not prevent sewer gases. Storm drainage systems drain water into rivers or streams.

Basement Drainage

Water damage in a basement includes framing and foundation issues, carpet deterioration, electrical hazards, and mold growth. Drainage solutions are necessary to divert water away from the basement and prevent further damage.

video pipe inspections

Pipe inspection crews utilize cameras to locate and identify issues, minimizing the need for unnecessary excavation and expenses. They provide accurate information, reports with sketches or photos, and repair proposals, often finding functional drain systems that only require repairs instead of complete replacements or additional sump pumps.

About bodine

At Bodine Construction Services, Inc. our goal is to provide the homeowner, real estate professional, and property manager with high quality solutions to their drainage and sewer repair problems. Our crews are specially trained and equipped with the latest technology to take your project from bid to completion. Most, if not all, of our foremen/lead people and office staff have been with the Company 5-15 years, some over 25 years. This demonstrates our commitment to the trade and our employees. Our integrity is absolute.


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