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Video Pipe Inspections

Our crews are equipped with pipe inspection cameras to view the inside of a pipe as  small as 2 inches in diameter. We can also locate the position and depth of the  pipe through the use of electronic locating technology and with tracer dyes, helping  us determine the specific cause or causes of your drainage problem.

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Pipe Inspection Crew

Pipe inspection crews use the cameras to inspect and locate the problem areas of the pipe, thus avoiding unnecessary excavation and expenses. These crews  take their work seriously and are not salesman or paid commission. Personal crews  are ready to correct the problem and provide information as to system function and  location.

After Inspection

A report is provided including a sketch and or photos of any abnormalities noted followed by a written proposal for repairs. With many inspections, we find a functional  drain system that only requires repair work rather than complete replacement or installing sump pumps when natural gravity drainage may be available.


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