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Video Pipe Inspections

Have you asked yourself "What's down my drain pipe?", "Where does it go?", "What happened? It was draining!"

We have crews equipped with pipe inspection cameras. These cameras are fiber optic and have the ability to travel up a pipe as small as 2". They can view the interior of a pipe for damage, collapse, leaks, water flow, and the location of pipe intersections. This can eliminate unnecessary exploratory excavations and gives assurances to the condition of the pipe.

Pipe inspection cameras are equipped with electronic locators, so they can be traced to the problem area. Our crews are trained professionals who are experienced in this field of trouble shooting and are familiar with situations that are present.

Our vehicles also are equipped with most necessary pipe, fittings and repair parts to make on the spot repairs, including pipe-cleaning equipment with pressure jetters and rooters. We don't charge an additional fee everytime we use a different piece of equipment. Since our trucks are fully equipped and our crews are fully trained, we simply continue at the agreed upon hourly rates to complete your project in an efficient and timely manner.