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Basement Drainage

Property damage caused by water and moisture infiltration into the basement can include: wall framing  damage, slab and foundation damage, deterioration of carpeting and flooring, electrical hazards  when wet, mold growth and rot, and an unhealthy environment. Drainage solutions require that water  be diverted away from the basement.

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Advantages of Exterior and Interior Drainage Solutions

Once the source of the problem water has been determined, a suitable solution can be  proposed. Drainage solutions can involve exterior, interior or a combination of drainage systems.  Where possible, we offer these options and provide you the pros and cons of each. In a perfect  world, your house or structure would have a viable drainage system around the exterior of the  foundation (or at least should have when your home was built). Houses are typically built with  exterior, rather than interior systems. You are undoubtedly calling us because all or part of your  home is experiencing original system failure and some or all the conditions noted above.

Exterior System

The positive results of an exterior drainage system are numerous. Often the downspout drain  systems, patios, walkways, driveways, or garage slab floors are improperly installed and contribute to the problem. They may need to be replaced just to install an exterior system. Once excavated, a footing drain can be installed and the foundation can be sealed from the outside with hydro ducting drainage composite applied to the exterior foundation wall and seepage both through-wall and up-welling through the floor eliminated altogether. Recreating such a functional exterior system is preferable to an interior  system, but can be very challenging and costly. Finished landscaping as well as patio, walkway,  garage, and driveway slabs present obstacles to digging and must be removed and then replaced.  Deep trenching can require shoring, is weather sensitive, and is very labor intensive when compared to  an interior system.

Interior Systems

Interior systems, when practical, are less expensive and provide very good protection for your  basement slab (keeping it dry) and do not create disruption to the areas around the exterior of the  structure. Interior systems normally meet the basic requirements needed to keep your basement  slab dry. Interior drainage systems collect only the water that seeps or wells up into the basement  slab area. They do not necessarily address seepage through foundation walls, rock pockets, cracks,  etc. They will not improve sogginess in yards or address any downspout deficiencies.

Which is best for you? We will provide the most sensible and durable system in the business. Both  options carry a 10 year Dry Basement Slab Warranty.


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