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Susan L-M. - Woodinville, WA (June 5, 2013)

* Hi - I want to pass along my thanks for the work that was done on my house. From start to finish, everyone at Bodine was professional, courteous and just plain nice folks. I appreciated the good communication from Lauren and Andrea on scheduling and thanks to Ken for taking the time to explain to me the problem and process.

Patty & Dave G. - Kenmore, WA (May 21, 2013)

* My husband and I hired your company to repair and improve the drainage for our residence in Kenmore. Our experience with Bodine Construction was great. Ken Harris gave us a very clear explanation of our drainage issues and the work that would be necessary to alleviate the problems. The work was agreed to and we were put on the work schedule when Ken returned to the office that day. The work crew (Eric and Ramiro) that arrived on site were on time each day and extremely courteous. They let us know where they would be digging and gave us the opportunity to relocate our more delicate plants so that they would be out of the way of the trenches that they dug to drain the downspouts. After the work was done they returned our yard to as close to its original condition as they could. The condition of our crawlspace after they finished the drainage work was amazing, my husband said now the crawlspace is as clean as the inside of our house! We are very impressed with the drainage work done and would gladly recommend Bodine Construction. Our on-site work crew was amazing, fast, clean and courteous. Ken Harris also brought it to our attention that Bodine Construction has the ability to keep the iron bacteria that thrives in our neighborhood under control. We are sure that we will be contacting your company about that service in the future. We just wanted to send our sincere thanks for a job well done!!

Kurt W. & Angie M. - Woodway, WA (May 9, 2013)

* We wanted to thank Ken Harris and all of the good folks at Bodine for superbly completing a complex and major drainage project at our new home in Woodway. The customer service Bodine delivered was the best. This was one of those jobs that required a lot of follow up and persistence. Bodine stood behind its work 100%, and earned our trust. We hope we don't have a problem that big again. But if we do, we know who we can count on to follow through and get it done. Many thanks.

Catherine M. - Shoreline, WA (December 8, 2012)

* You have earned my trust and gratitude which I shall shortly convey on Yelp/Consumer Checkbook and to my plumber who advised me in my search for a sewer company. I have nothing but praise for your workman's expertise and speed, your working equipment and your fair billing. The invoice I received today is exactly what had been quoted me at the beginning, plus tax, of course. On November 29th, I discovered I had a backed up sewer line which had spewed "stuff" from the basement toilet. I called two other sewer cleaning companies, both of which kept changing the prices and/or pricing separately each item (camera, hydrojetting, travel time.) Then my dentist referred your company for having done a fine job on his workplace line. When I called you the next day, Nov. 30th, your receptionist was most helpful and put me in contact with one of your people, Kirk, who said he would be out here between 10:30-11M. He stated the price as well as the additional hour divided into quarters. He arrived at 10:20, began work immediately, using the hydrojet and cutter and camera alternately. He had the line cleared by 12:05 which also included washing down the toilet AND hydrojetting and "eyeing" my downspout line to the street, installed by a less than honest company. AND, he even took off his soiled shoes when returning from cleaning the bathroom downstairs!! This latter has been the "icing" on my referrals. I have now referred your company to several people, all of whom were pleased when I told them about the inclusion of all equipment, the honest and knowledgable work your men do, plus the fact that the person was on time and took off his shoes... I thank you and Kirk for what seems to be a superb job.

Paul K. & Dale P. - Snohomish, WA (September 28, 2012

* It was a longer process than any of us imagined, but our patio looks lovely. Thanks to you, Enrique + Manuel & the rest of the crew, our unusable back yard will function for us. Your cool head made it possible. Paul & I wanted to say an extra thanks to the crew for their good natured efforts. The leadership and expertise of Enrique with the never-failing support of Manuel provided the bulk of the effort and, frankly, I don't know how their knees & backs survive!

M.Z. - Woodinville, WA

* So we recently bought a home and discovered that we had some issues with drainage in the crawlspace of the home. Got a bunch of assessments and quotes on our problem and we settled with Bodine. I gotta tell you, they were a little more expensive than the other companies out there, but they really know what they are doing! They used high tech equipment to diagnose the problem (had to pay for this also), and had a really hard working crew to take care of the problem. We paid close attention to the work they were doing, as they went, and any little issues that came up, they took care of, no problem. I was impressed that this was a company that simply just did the right thing. That is so rare! Like I said, you'll pay to have the best, but it's worth it!

Anonymous - Lynnwood, WA

* Steve was easy to work with and negotiate exactly what I was to have done. They completely replaced the footing drain on 2 sides of my house, rerouted the downspouts to a separate drain and put new drain at bottom of driveway. They had to do most of the digging by hand - 8 ft down. The job was completed on time and the clean up at the end was great. Very professional.

Kathy P. - Edmonds, WA

* I am anxious to pay you as you have been WONDERFUL. I cannot begin to tell you how many people I have told about your company. Thank you again for great work and great employees. Very much appreciated. Best to each of you.

Peter G. - Seattle, WA

* First, I want to tell you how delighted we are with the work you did for us. It came out even better than we'd imagined it. We're especially appreciative of the insight you brought to the project, and your patience and determination to make it work when confronted with a hill and property configuration that were so unforgiving. Everyone who worked on the project was a credit to your company. In particular, the varied skills and artistry displayed by Enrique and Manuel (and, for part of the project, Miguel) were impressive, as were their abilities to remain considerate and cheerful through long days, sometimes in nasty weather. We only wish we could have undertaken this project forty years ago.

Dan & Joan F. - Seattle, WA

* Dan & I were impressed by your workers. They were unfailingly courteous, competant and friendly. The group I saw most frequently were those that dug the trenches. Very hard work! But, they were unfailingly kind, courteous and concerned about my safety. They made the operation much more acceptable. We are happy to be rid of our basement sump pump.

Beverley B. (President H.O.A.) - Edmonds, WA

* Thank you so much for your work. We not hesitate to use your services again.