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The Pacific Northwest is well known for its lush green vegetation. Most lawns become soggy after multiple days of rain. Play fields and golf courses drain rapidly because of extensive sub-grade drainage and soil conditioning. Creating a healthy durable lawn in an area with poorly draining soils, shade, and water instrusion can involve many processes. Before contracting any work, review the following issues and options to determine the right solution for you.


Areas with poor drainage and poor soil structure may include one or more of the following recommendations.

Lawn Conditioning/Renovation:

Lawns are damaged by excessive ground water and soil structure; the topsoil compacts and becomes acidic. For lawns that are moss infrested, spongy to walk on, or that have ruts made by mowing or after a rain. A rigorous program of soil enhancement should follow to improve soil structure. In order to break up the clay soils, add air to the root layer and lower the amount of water trapped in the soil.


Area drains for areas where surface flooding happens rapidly or flow patterns from other areas are clearly defined. The use of a system that incorporates strategically placed catch basins to facilitate rapid collection of flood water is recommended. Additional lawn renovations/conditioning may also be required.


Surface interceptor drains to lower the water table and reduce the amount of sub-surface flow through your lawn area. Includes area/catch basin drains. This approach will solve flooding in the drainfield area but will not improve the quality of the soil. Additional lawn renovation/conditioning may also be required.


Complete lawn/soil removal for high traffic areas, areas with poor soil content, hard pan, or clay soil. Includes an interceptor system with full soil replacement of drainfield and new rapidly draining soils under a layer of good topsoil, (60/40 sand/compost).

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