Bodine Construction Services, Inc.

"Where experience equals value."

Since 1967


The Bodine Difference

At Bodine Construction Services, Inc. our goal is to provide the homeowner, real estate professional, and property manager with high quality solutions to their drainage and structural repair problems. Our crews are specially trained and equipped with the latest technology to take your project from bid to completion. Most, if not all, of our foremen/lead people and office staff have been with the Company 5-15 years. This demonstrates our commitment to the trade. Our integrity is absolute.

The Bid Process

Bodine Construction bid representatives, Steve and Ken, have been with the Company over 34 and 25 years respectively, and will offer appropriate options, long term solutions, budgets, and note the pros and cons of each for your review. Each proposal will be concisely formatted and include an "assessment" of the situation followed by "recommendations", plan views and diagrams. A description of the warranty and terms of payment will also accompany each proposal. We will also be happy to provide you with examples of completed work and references from similar projects in or around your neighborhood.

Repair and Restoration

Our specially trained and experienced crews then follow through with the necessary repair and restoration work to address your drainage needs.

Pipe Camera Inspections

Crews are equipped with pipe inspection cameras to view the inside of a pipe as small as 2 inches in diameter. This allows us to locate the position and depth of the pipe through the use of electronic locating technology and tracer dyes, helping us determine the specific cause or causes of your drainage problem. Pipe inspection crews use the cameras to inspect and locate the areas where the problems are, thus avoiding unnecessary excavation and expense. Crews are ready to correct the problem and provide information as to system function and location.

Water Management

It is important to address the legal and civil ramifications of both current and possible future damage caused by "improper drainage". Collecting drainage water is usually our most common request, whereas directing water to a safe, legal location can be equally challenging. In addition to the personal property damage, the effect of the problem and its solution on adjacent properties are important considerations in developing long term solutions.


As the most recommended and referred drainage and repair company in the King and Snohomish County areas, we own and have access to the excavation equipment or specialized tools necessary for completion of all projects/bids that are submitted.

Assured Customer Satisfaction

For most completed projects of $4,000.00 and above, we provide a walk through of the system anytime during the warranty period to confirm that the system is functioning properly. We provide customer assurances and accountability for the work performed.

Side Sewer Contractor

Bodine Construction Services, Inc. is an approved 'Side Sewer Contractor'. It is sometimes necessary to connect your new drainage system into an existing city or county system. With the Side Sewer Certification (required by City of Seattle, City of Bellevue, and King County), we are able to provide this service for you, eliminating the need for separate or additional crews to complete the work required.

State Licensed

Originally located in Seattle and currently located in Lynnwood, Washington (since 1978). Licensed with the State of Washington under the same business name and license number BODINC*332BT since 1967. Click Here to view contractor registration for Bodine Construction Services and other competing contractors.