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Whether you're buying, selling, or simply planning on enjoying your home for many years to come, it is important to maintain it's structural integrity. New homes may have problem areas in which the builder may have overlooked. Older homes, in time, develop problems which need to be corrected to insure their long-term value, safety, and function.

Repair replacement


Are often a damp and steamy environment. Bathrooms are areas where damage can occur just through long-term use. Repair, renovation or remodel of the bathroom requires special attention to materials and detail.

Dry Rot - Pest Damage

The exterior of your home can appear solid while harboring considerable interior rot or pest damage. This type of deterioration if left untreated, can not only threaten the value of your home, but pose a serious hazard.. The visible signs of damage are often small, with damage hidden behind siding, under hardwood floors, and around doors or windows. Our experts are trained on how to locate and recommend corrective action.


Structures which have settled, develop a 'memory' which must be straightened out slowly. To maintain integrity of all parts of the structure, care must be taken to address and repair damage to all areas or parts of the structure affected by the settling.


Foundations settle and can crack over time. Individual posts and footing pads can settle, rot, and rail from a variety of causes. Proper repairs can require demolishing existing material and pouring new concrete. As with all structural repair, it is important to address all areas affected both by the damage and repair.