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The Drainage Dilemma

Are you asking yourself how is it that this house that I purchased was issued permits, inspected, financed, and apperently built to code could still have wter under it that may be contributing to dry rot, excessive moisture, mold, pest infestation, and even structural Sheet metal heating plenums, hardwood floors, and under-floor framing are particularly expensive victims of moisture. This aspect of the construction industry code has been a regulatory gray area since permits were first issued.

It is common knowledge that excess groundwater within the foundation area of a structure causes both discomfort and damage.

Ground and surface water are products of nature which are difficult to predict unless in obvious proximity to a wetland area. They can also be intermittent and changeable. Regulatory agencies have a very difficult time inspecting future problems. Although crawlspace and basement issues are simple to avoid if properly installe dthe information available is very vague as to the requirements necessary to avoid them. Builders often will state that we built it to code or the crawlspace has a positive drain, but there is little to no code requirement or information in this area. Building officials will state you need to talk to your builder, it was fine when it was inspected. Many newer homes (less than 10-25 years) have experienced problems with crawlspace issues due to lack of or no footing drains. A substitute is the positive drains which are nothing more than a short pipe placed on the crawlspace floor that is also connected to the downspout roof drain system. Lightweight corrugated ADS flex pipe has also proven to fail when used on the exterior of homes. It is lightweight and crushes easily. Even PVC pipe has suffered due to heavy equipment travel over piping, joints not glued, or poor backfiling practices. Many homes may hve drain systems. Some have downspouts, footing drains or basement foundation wall membrane systems. Many of these were improperly installed.

Builders, when faced with the option of spending the construction budget on a high quality front door, kitchen or bathroom detail will opt for items that will show a house well rather than sinking dollars into a subterranean pipe system that has no guarantees and no purchase appeal.

The majority of houses built in the Puget Sound area are subject to some kind of water intrusion and most of these handle the problem adequately, however drain systems may simply fail over time due to incompetent design or unsupervised installation. Many houses have been constructed in the past without adequate attention to drainage at all. If your home is experienceing either a failed drainage system or has become subject to an unmanageable amount of ground water from any number of sources, we are here to help. Our crews are experienced in the drainage field and make use of the most up-to-date technology, such as video pipe camera inspections, electronic locating equipment, high pressure jetters, and pipe-cleaning equipment. Out primary area of expertise at Bodine Construction Services, Inc. is in matters of residential and property drainage, mitigation, and structural repairs.

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